How To Test Drive A Car

You always test drive a car before you buy it right?  Of course!  Some drive it like they are in a Nascar Race and there’s one lap to go.  Some drive like they are afraid that touching the gas pedal will make the car go, and then what?  At Car Direct USA, our Sales Team is always happy to accompany the customers on a test drive.  Here are a few tips that we recommend while test driving a car to see if it’s the right fit for you.

1 – Take your time, you’re not actually in the Daytona 500.  Pick a few different roads to drive on at different speeds, and drive like you would on a daily basis.  You will get a better idea of how the car will perform under normal driving conditions.

2 – Park the vehicle.  CMan driving his caran you parallel park it?  Do you feel comfortable pulling into a parking space?

3 – Play with the radio a little and see how the speakers sound.  Is there additional technology on the car?  Ask your sales representative (who is sitting right next to you at this point) how it all works.  Check out how the seats move and fold down.  You may not be thinking about these things today, but we guarantee you will soon.

4 – Drive, and then ride.  See how the car feels as the driver, then ask to see how the car feels as the passenger.  A vehicle can feel very different from these 2 perspectives.

5 – Turn off the radio, and just listen to the car for a few minutes.  You want to get to know how the car sounds.

6 – Be meticulous and ask questions.  Review the Auto-Check with your sales representative and make sure you understand the information that is provided.  Ask questions if it isn’t clear to you, we want them all answered so that you have a strong sense of security.

7 – If you are the type of person that likes to have a friend or family with you, please bring them!

At Car Direct, our goal is to help you in finding the right vehicle for you.  Check out or inventory page to see what we currently have in stock.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Give us a call – that vehicle may be on its way in.  If not, we’ll find it for you!