Politics… Colleges/Univerisites/Alma Maters… Family… Military… Musical Interests… Humor… Pop Culture… Sports/Fitness/Leisure… Pets… Brands… Controversial Issues/Positions…

Whatever your position is, people are using their vehicles to express themselves.  And others are leaving their vehicles to remain a blank canvas.  Those who love bumper stickers use their vehicle as a roving billboards to declare their love of god, country, schools, kids, dogs, or occasionally clever aphorisms.

It’s surprising to find that geographically, there are trends as to what people will put on their vehicle, whether men or women are more likely to put a bumper sticker on their vehicle, and the perceptions of other drivers in relation to those bumper stickers. A recent survey of more than 2,000 drivers nationwide provides us with some interesting data. The survey found that women were far more likely to have bumper stickers than men, with 63 percent saying they’d slapped one on their car. Men, meanwhile, were evenly split on the matter, with 50 giving in to the urge and 50 showing restraint.   In regional terms, folks from the South–particularly Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee–were the biggest fans of bumper stickers: 68 percent admitted that they had one or more on their car.  The content of those bumper stickers varied, but the most popular fell into the broad category of sports, fitness, and leisure activities, followed closely by politics. Gun-themed stickers were the least popular, making up just four percent of the total.

Living in Hampton Roads, we are happy to report that bumper stickers showing support for the military were the most appreciated: a whopping 88 percent of study participants gave them a thumbs-up.  This region also has a population that is passionate about fitness and sports.  That being said, marathon-related stickers came in second, with 80 percent saying that they approved of long-distance runners.

So “whether you’ve placed a witty slogan on the back of your whip or you’re using the rear of your ride as a billboard for political campaigns, bumper stickers help car owners add a layer of expression to their vehicles. Bumper stickers allow drivers to share their humor, successes, and allegiances in the form of adhesive statements.”

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To read the entire survey results :  https://www.cheapcarinsurance.net/bumper-sticker-perceptions/