It’s All In The Details

So you’ve found the perfect vehicle for you!  And now you want to keep it looking new and clean!  At Car Direct, we have staff on hand that detail our vehicles every day.  These guys know what it takes to keep a car looking great, so we asked them what their #1 tips are that they pass on to customers.  And now we’re sharing that with you.

Exterior Vehicle Cleaning
Wash the vehicle in a shaded area, where the surface is cool.  This way the soap won’t dry too quickly and leave spots, and you don’t have to rewash.
Use a mild liquid soap and a car wash mitt or sponge.  Be gentle on your paint so that you don’t scratch it.
Divide your vehicle into sections when washing, starting at the top (on the roof) and working your way forwards and backwards (hood and back), and then clean the sides.  Don’t clean the lower part of the vehicle first, you’ll only wash the dirt from the top back onto the bottom.
Rinse thoroughly!  And when you think the vehicle is all rinsed off, rinse it again.
Use a different mitt or glove and clean the tires.
Dry your vehicle immediately to prevent water spots.

Interior Vehicle Cleaning
Vacuum out your car.  For those tough to reach places, don’t vacuum but instead use your vacuum to blow out the debris, then vacuum it up once it’s easier to reach.
For those hard to reach cracks, get out a toothbrush (one you don’t plan on using for your teeth) and a paint brush.  These are great tools to use!  You can brush debris out of hard to reach places, then vacuum it up.
To clean your mats (we know they are dirty – your feet are always on them), go over them with a scrub brush to loosen the dirt, then vacuum.
The dirtiest parts of your car will be the parts that you actually touch – steering wheel, seat belt, shifting knob, and the driver’s door panel.  Spend a few extra minutes here to ensure everything is clean and tidy.  After all, you’re getting ready to sit right back down there.  Just like the outside, all you need here is a mild soap.
For the dashboard and panels, we recommend using a dampened cloth and wipe them down – you don’t need to scrub.
Lastly, clean the windows inside and out with glass cleaner and paper towels.

Keeping your car clean will help keep it new and looking great over time.  And if you have any additional questions, our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer all of your questions!

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