Vehicle Safety – Driving With Children

vehicle-safety-driving-with-children 5.17.13It seems adults, specifically parents with young children, are just as guilty as everyone and anyone else when it comes to engaging in distracted driving.  Researchers from the University of Michigan surveyed more than 600 parents to find out what distractions they face while driving with their children, whether they use age-appropriate child restraints and if they had ever been in a motor vehicle accident.  They found that almost 90% of drivers reported engaging in at least one technology-based distraction while driving their child in the past month, drivers who reported engaging in distracting behaviors were more likely to report having ever been in a crash, and drivers of children who were not restrained in an age-appropriate restraint had 2.5 times higher odds of reporting a child-related distraction than drivers of children who were restrained properly.

The results were shocking to us, and we started thinking about what could be done to help prevent these hazards and keep all children a little safer.  At Car Direct USA, we came up with 3 key items for you to take a minute and think about next time you get in a vehicle with your child:

1 – Set an example and wear your own seatbelt.  Inspiration: Parents who reported always wearing a seatbelt were significantly more likely to report their child always uses the age-appropriate restraint.

2 – Ensure you have the correct and age-appropriate restraint for your child.  Inspiration: Many children are not using the right safety seat for their size.  Check your state’s law for specific child-restraint regulations.

3 – Put your phone down.  Inspiration: Almost 90% of drivers reported engaging in at least one technology-based distraction while driving their child.

To learn more about this study:

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